Sharing Ideas

A problem in most companies is that the voice of the employees is not heard. This does not mean that the owners and managers are unwilling to hear the ideas and opinions of their people, but there is no effective process of giving ideas to everyone and getting feedback from others in the company.


Goodworky makes possible:

  • online sharing of ideas from each employee;
  • liking ideas from colleagues;
  • giving / receiving feedback … or commenting;
  • sharing ideas by category;
  • receiving goodies (points) when giving, liking, or commenting on an idea.


Goodworky provides an opportunity for employees to share knowledge and opinion in the Platform Forum.

The main purpose of this module is:

  • creation of material – opinion, article by each employee;
  • giving feedback / feedback from colleagues;
  • liking both the material and the comments;
  • splitting comments by category;
  • receiving goodies (points) when creating, liking, or commenting.


All the news about or generated in the company can be posted on the platform.

Goodworky makes it possible to:

  • distribute news through sharing in social networks;
  • like the news;
  • comment;
  • visualize the news by theme and chronologically;
  • receive goodies (points) when liking, commenting and / or distributing the news.

Online trainings

Each organization needs training:

  • for induction of new employees;
  • to increase and improve competencies of present employees, achieve better efficiency and growth in organization development.

Goodworky provides an online learning opportunity that includes:

  • training materials in the form of text, audio and video;
  • tests and other materials aiming to assess the extent of utilization of various provided tools;
  • tasks and tests with open questions to assess the knowledge and creativity of people;
  • an opportunity to get a rating from a manager (mentor) and / or colleagues;
  • receiving goodies (points) for each activity in the learning process;
  • reports on the progress and level of knowledge of the employees;
  • an opportunity to discover and develop talents.


Traditionally, companies use intranet portals for their internal communication – news, procedures, and so on.

Technology development allows these intranet portals to evolve into modern web-based or mobile platforms where employees are provided with opportunities for online training, news and ideas sharing, individual and group missions. Platform activity and achievements are rewarded with points and medals, which represent not only virtual but also real prizes. Competitive spirit is used to achieve activity and better workplace efficiency. Gaming is a modern method of building and maintaining engagement and loyalty in people that enables them to unite around an epic idea – in the context of a Business Mission that is determined by each organization individually and contributes to building employee perception that ‘They are special’ for the organization.

Our gamified intuitive platform Goodworky helps to increase employee motivation, improve internal communication, build a homogeneous organizational culture, identify and develop talents in companies.

Tests and Surveys

Each organization needs surveys of employees’ opinions as well as engagement / motivation surveys.

Goodworky provides opportunities for:

  • Testing the knowledge and skills.
  • Conducting surveys of employee opinion on specific topics;
  • Exploring people’s commitment to JobTiger’s methodology or applying existing company methodology;
  • Stimulating the interest of employees to participate in tests, surveys and research of opinions by obtaining Goodies (points), depending on the level of activity.


All actions in the Goodworky platform provide opportunities for participants to earn and accumulate Goodies (points), thus tracking their progress, competing with themselves and other participants.

The ranking of all platform participants provides an additional opportunity to increase their motivation for achievements and appearances.

Goodworky uses techniques of positive psychology and the theory of Flow that determines ways to stimulate people by assigning tasks that are within their capabilities on one hand but are also challenging for the on the other.  

Using Goodies, medals and ranking as key elements in our gamified Goodworky platform helps to increase employee motivation, improve internal communication, build a homogeneous organizational culture, identify and develop talents in companies.


Goodworky is a web based online platform. In addition to the core functionalities of learning, sharing ideas and opinions, surveys, competitions, the platform provides the opportunity to monitor and control all the activities and processes that take place within it. Generated reports facilitate the objective assessment and honest perception of the achievements of each employee in the organization.

They can also be used for a comprehensive assessment of people’s progress in the company and their attitude towards it by measuring and analysing:

  • the number of posts, comments, likes and shares;
  • the amount of ideas generated to improve performance and increase efficiency;
  • the number of training sessions and the extent of learning.