About us

The Goodworky platform is the realization of an idea to create a modern tool for in-house communication, effective motivation and engagement of the people working in the organization. This is achieved through online learning, opportunities for expression, sharing ideas, knowledge and timely feedback.

We are confident that we are on the right track and offer something useful and positive for the development of companies and their people. This belief is based on the strengths of our companies that have joined its Expertise and enthusiasm to create Goofworky platform:

The innovative initiative of the FlowMinds startup team, in which young people plan and develop solutions by carefully choosing on one hand the most up-to-date and modern but on the other hand proven and working mass-raising technologies.

JobTiger’s long-standing experience on the Bulgarian People’s Management Market. The company has already selected, motivated and helped over 500,000 people.

The enthusiasm of professional consultants in Crystal Water, their expertise in business development and team management, as well as the experience gained, bring the confidence that business is growing better when it actively listens to and cares for people.

We know that at the end of each business day, the most important resource of companies leaves the door.

Until recently, the primary role of owners and managers was to create prerequisites for people to return in the morning to be able to work again and make a contribution to the organization. With the development of mobile technologies and the expansion of the impact of social networks, it is essential for the company’s progress to acquire the opportunity and the means by which people’s attention is attracted to achieving the company’s goals and building and maintaining their motivation.

We believe Goodworky is the perfect tool to:

  • Give 24/7 the opportunity your people to express themselves;
  • Develop, inform and motivate them in a modern way online;
  • Turn the achievement of the company’s goals into an exciting joint mission;
  • To give every person the opportunity to manifest as much as he or she asks;
  • To convince your team that everything in your company is objective, transparent, honest and clear, because on the Goodworky portal everything you need is shared, and everyone can read it, express their opinions and take action.