Why Goodworky

Every organization thrives if the people working in it are well trained, highly motivated and have culture and methods of proper communication. A key factor for business success is knowledge management – how we acquire, adapt, manage, develop and create new knowledge in the company.

Goodworky is an online platform for e-learning, sharing ideas, opinions, knowledge and resources. It is designed to be used for in-house communications, with people in the company able to access it anytime, anywhere.

If your organization needs to:

  • Provide a quick and effective means for people to learn;
  • Increase workflow efficiency by improving internal communication;
  • Enable people to hear their voice because everybody’s opinion is important in the company;
  • Enhance the corporate spirit and engagement of people;
  • Minimize the time to share/spread important information and know who has effectively reached this information.

Goodworky is the best and most effective solution for you.

We provide the opportunity for each organization to use for its future development both the achievements of modern social communication technologies and the discoveries in the latest theories of motivation and engagement of positive psychology.

Benefits to the organization and its people:

  • Improved internal communication: dissemination of news, materials such as procedures and processes, opinions and ideas, internal messages;
  • Opportunity to speak: people’s voice is heard, feedback from both managers (mentors) and colleagues is provided through comments, liking opinions / ideas, sharing on social networks;
  • Finding and developing stars and talents in the organization. Platform activities provide opportunities for people to grow: online learning; sharing knowledge.
  • Increasing motivation and engagement thanks to the opportunities in the platform and the competition between people to achieve better results;
  • Objective and real appreciation of people’s achievements: the reports generated by the platform on the activity of each person, as well as its progress, the employee rankings, provide an opportunity for objective assessment and honest perception of the achievement of each employee in the organization.