What are cookies?

Cookies are small chunks of information, sent from the web server to the web browser, that allows the web server to gather feedback information form the browser. The users can choose to delete the cookies using the browser settings. You may find more information about cookies here:

How to use cookies?

We use cookies to store your settings, improve the website experience and provide our service without problems. We also use cookies outside of our control. For example Google can use cookies to show Google ads on GoodWorky’s site.

What type of cookies we use?

Session cookies and navigation control (session identifier, security protection, ‘Back’ button, etc.). These cookies are technically required for login, navigation control I use of Goodworky. Without them the site cannot function in a normal and reliable manner.

Cookies for language settings, choice of desktop or mobile version, hiding information windows/pop-ups.

Cookies used for automatic account login. They allow users who have chosen such an options to automatically login in their accounts.

With the assistance of cookies such as IDE, DART and da-audience by DoubleClick and AdWords, Google can show ads base on users’ activity on GoodWorky and other sites. Users can disable these cookies by visiting Google’s Privacy policy page. You may finds more information here:

Our website uses the Facebook Pixel cookie (by Facebook Inc.). It is a cookie that follows the user’s activity who have seen ads in Facebook. Facebook may use this information for their own advertising purposes, with the accordance of Facebook Privacy Policy (

Cookies used by Google Analytics – an analytics instrument, that assists website and applications owners to monitor visitors’ engagement. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather information and provide statistical data regarding website usage, without identifying and disclosing separate website users. You may find more information here:

Cookies by Gemius (Gemius Bulgaria) monitoring internet users visiting different websites. You may find more information here:

How to delete cookies form your browser?

Users can set the browser to inform them when a site uses cookies and choose whether to accept or reject the use of cookies or delete them. Rejecting the use of cookies may lead to the user not being able to use the site in an optimal way.